1. Short hair and small bewbs. Flashing in public. A blast from the past… 

    Photo by Greg Easton

  3. A few photos from a recent group shoot. Sept 15, 2013

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    Photos up top by Jenna Doughtry

    Bottom by Te Barata 

  4. Come see me as your hostess and feature model for the 2013 Rhode Island Tattoo Expo! Tell your local artist and/or shop to sign up to be at this event! 

    May 10th, 11th, 12th 2013! 

    (Source: rhodeislandtattooexpo.com)

  5. Did you get a Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo calendar filled with tons of tattooed hotties yet!? I suggest you do! Place your order with me and I’ll sign it for you! I’m Miss April! Calendar shot and put together by the amazing Dastardly Dave in as little as 2 months time! An amazing job by all! $20 each! 

  6. New photo of lil’ol’ me by Greg Easton.

  7. My #mohawk behaves now… and I’m rocking the new earrings. I LOVE the weight. #tattooedchick #tattoos #piercings #stretchedears (Taken with Instagram)

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    Photo by @Dastardly_Dave

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